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Transformers Prime Season 2 Volume 1: Orion Pax – Limited Edition [DVD] [UK Import]

This limited edition release includes a transformers figure and 8 Topps trading cards. 7 action packed episodes: Orion Pax part 1, 2 and 3, Operation Bumblebee part 1 and 2, Loose Cannons and Crossfire. When Optimus’s memory is erased, the sinister Megatron manipulates him into joining the Decepticons. Jack and Arcee travel to Cybertron to… Read More »

Transformers – Prime: Season Two Volume 3 – Toxicity Limited Edition [DVD] [UK Import]

The hunt for the Iacon final relic takes Bulkhead to a volcanic island on the Equator but, to his horror, he discovers that the relic is a piece of Tox-En, which deteriorates his strength! Things are made worse when a group of Insecticons led by Hardshell arrive in search of the relic… From Hasbro Studios… Read More »

Transformers Prime, Folge 4 – Die vierte Dimension

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Aarcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead und viele mehr sind zurück, um gegen Megatrons erneuten Versuch die Erde zu erobern anzukämpfen. Doch Megatron zeigt sich stärker als jezuvor, denn er hat ein seltenes Element erworben, welches ihm die Beherrschung über das leben selbst erlaubt. Das “Time Prime” erscheint von geringer Größe gegenüber der Horde der… Read More »